Australian Life Tables

If we have a large group of people and know their ages, we can estimate the number of survivors each year and can also prepare tables which calculate the average expected total years of life, commonly referred to as "life expectancy". In Australia, these are called the Australian Life Tables. They are updated after each Census. However, there are two basic problems arising from personal use of the Life Tables.

  • They are averages and do not take any account of individual variations

  • They do not take account of the consistent trend of people living longer

Over the last twenty years or so there has been an explosion in well-researched information about the factors affecting longevity and how they could influence each of us.

At My Longevity, we use this new information and also address the problems with the Life Tables in providing you with your own personal SHAPE analysis. We use the basic data in the Australian Life Tables and enable you to customise this to your own situation.

New information is constantly being published. We regularly update the SHAPE Analyser and website to take account of these developments.