About Us

My Longevity Pty Limited (ABN 30 128 824 368) is a web-based business. We have developed a unique way to make longevity information available. Using our SHAPE approach, you can estimate your own longevity and decide whether and how you might influence it.

David Williams - Founder - My Longevity

David Williams

I have always been passionate about knowing how things work and how to help others understand. I followed this passion as a process scientist and executive and learnt how to simplify and explain complicated information and processes.

Over thirty years ago I became involved in personal retirement and financial planning. As well as being a qualified planner, I was responsible for marketing the services of our rapidly growing business to people approaching or in retirement. We studied healthy ageing and how it affected the lives of our clients.

My Longevity uses only reputable published information about longevity. We developed the SHAPE approach to make this research available to people interested in knowing more about their own longevity. Over 150,000 SHAPE analyses have been completed.