New scientific information about longevity is being published all the time. We only take note of information that comes from reputable sources. They include professional journals, books with substantial bibliographies, websites of entities with a professional interest in the field, life insurance companies (both published and privately obtained) and actuarial publications.

Our focus is on sources that relate cause and effect. For example, one reliable publication demonstrated a strong relationship between a positive attitude towards ageing (as defined by specific questions) and an increase in average life expectancy.

The SHAPE Analyser brings together all this information in a useful way. There is reputable data to support every question in the Analyser.

You can access more information about the data in the Analyser.

There are many factors outside your control that could affect your longevity (such as accidents and the onset of life threatening diseases). The SHAPE framework is designed to help you to better understand and manage your potential longevity - it doesn’t guarantee it!

Please discuss with your medical advisers any issues that you feel could significantly affect your longevity as estimated by SHAPE and modify your outlook and behaviour accordingly.