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Our aim is to help you understand how long you might live and what you can do about it.

"How long will I live"and "what could I do to live longer?" are vital questions for everyone.

Most people want answers to “how long will I live” and “what can I do about it”.

Most people have no idea how long they might live. The starting point is your current age.  You could then use the Australian Life Tables but these are only averages and also fail to factor in ongoing improvements in mortality. They don't explain that the longer you live, the longer you're likely to live. Or that ageing is a personal journey.

Few people understand what influences their ageing and life expectancy. The starting point is your current age. The Australian Life Tables give average life expectancies but are not useful at a personal level - we are all different! Also, they do not show that successive generations are living longer and ageing better.

Many factors influence how long you will live. The Australian Life Tables give averages for each age group. However none of us is "average" and the personal differences can be very important. Each generation is living longer than the last. The "official" tables do not take full account of these changes in life expectancy or the personal nature of ageing.

Learn more about your own longevity by using the SHAPE Analyser, which covers five key factors.

The SHAPE Analyser explains more about your life expectancy and covers five major issues.

You can understand whether you may live longer than average by using the SHAPE Analyser, covering five key areas.

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Surroundings includes external factors that can affect our longevity. As well as the physical environment, it includes social factors which are external to us and can affect our sense of well-being.


Health covers the current physical condition of our body and how we manage it.


Attitude covers how we see the future in respect of important elements of our lives such as work, relationships and our ability to come to terms with longevity.


Parents is the term used for our genetic makeup, which comes from our parents. Knowledge of the longevity and health of close relatives can also be relevant.


Eating includes all the things we put into our bodies, not just meals.

Upon completion of the SHAPE Analyser you will receive an estimate of your longevity. There is no cost and it takes 5 minutes.

Then you can use our website to understand more about what drives your longevity and to make some decisions about what you might do.